SME Business Loan

This credit facility is tailored for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises dealing in transport, trade and commerce, construction, manufacturing, education, health, and other service sectors.

[What you require to sign up]

  1. Have a registered business or business experience.
  2. Have a permanent business location.
  3. Have acceptable securities.

[Why you should sign up for this product]

  1. Minimum loan amount is TZS 300,000 and maximum is TZS 500,000,000.
  2. Maximum repayment period is up to 48 months.
  3. Repayment period is flexible depending on cash flow cycle.
  4. Flexible security requirements i.e., Chattels, Sales Agreement, Residential License, Title Deed, Cash Cover (FDR), Government Securities, Traded Shares, debentures, etc. are accepted
  5. Credit Life Insurance is included

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