Foreign Exchange

Mwalimu Commercial Bank PLC has a fully-fledged Treasury team of well-trained dealers, the department prides itself in offering the most competitive foreign exchange rates and services in the market. We offer our clients with the latest up to date market developments and trends to enable you make decisions on exchange risk management and investments. We offer solutions that suit our customer’s requirements in a prompt and cost-efficient manner.

Fixed deposits
  • Instant Income/Upfront: For customer in need of their fixed deposits returns at the time of booking to meet their matured obligation
  • Traditional Fixed Deposit: It’s a common fixed deposit product for all customers that prefer basic features for fixed deposits.
  • Semi Fixed/Flexible: Allows premature withdraw and partial and the interest up to the point of withdraw will be earned without penalty.Minimum duration to earn interest is 90 days.
  • Regular Interest Payment: Targeting retirees who receive their pensions in lump sum.They can invest the funds and receive their monthly interests while awaiting .